About Us


Operation Med School (OMS) is a student-run organization that hosts one-day conferences to educate youth about the journey of a medical career. Our goal is to inspire, inform and encourage students to follow their medical dreams and head bravely into their future endeavours.

OMS was started by a group of high school students in Vancouver in 2012. Each conference gives students a new approach to medical careers through activities and lectures by medical experts.

It is the perfect chance for high school students to explore the medical field, meet peers who share the same passion, and speak with knowledgeable medical professionals.


OMS has been creating an opportunity for youth to gain valuable leadership and event management skills since it began in 2012 as a conference for high school students from high school students. As the organization has grown, each city conference continues to be organized by a team of local high school students.


During the conference, we bring medical professionals, professors, and researchers to discuss various scientific topics, including cutting-edge research, innovations in healthcare, and the future of medical science.

We also invite medical students to talk about their experiences applying to and attending university. This includes panels, workshops, and other activities for students to share their experiences and become more comfortable with their career paths.