main Conference

march 8th, 2020

OMS's Team has organized a folder where you can find your photos taken during our events in 2020. This folder includes:

  • Attendee & Ambassador Photos

    • Main Conference (March 8)

    • Pre-Conference (February 2)

  • Speaker Resources

    • Recording of Dr. Khosa's Speech

    • Speaker Slides

Faisal Khosa

Keynote Speaker - Success made Ridiculously Simple.

Dr. Faisal Khosa, an incredible, renowned mentor for students and associate professor at UBC will give a keynote speech of “Success made Ridiculously Simple”. Dr. Khosa has been recognized for his excellent mentoring by the AFMC- May Cohen Award in Equity, Diversity and Gender award (2020) and will share his wisdom with attendees through advice and a Q&A session.

Jana Davidson

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Jana Davidson, a Clinical Professor and highly experienced psychiatric consultant will be providing a speech about her experiences. As the co-founder of the National Institute of Families for Child and Youth Mental Health (2009), Dr. Davidson has been highly involved with youth mental health services and strives for equitable access to child and adolescent psychiatry, receiving the Premier’s Award in 2016 for implementing a Telemental Health service in NorthWestern BC.

alec ritchie

Case Study Leader

Dr. Alec Ritchie is an emergency physician at Lions Gate Hospital and medical consultant for BCEHS. Using two disparate real-life cases that occurred on the same shift, Dr. Ritchie will present a case study to give insight into how physicians approach the diagnosis and treatment of patients in the emergency department. He will engage attendees with how to manage these situations, as well as how theory links to medical practice.

amin javer

Workshop Leader

Dr. Amin Javer serves as the Director of research in the division of Otolaryngology at UBC, and Director/Head of the St. Paul’s Sinus Centre. Dr. Javer has varied research interests with over 120 peer-reviewed research publications and has a special interest in advanced FESS (functional endoscopic sinus surgery). Fluent in five languages, he presents internationally and started the sinus fellowship-training program at the St. Paul’s Sinus Centre in 2001, which has graduated 15 subspecialized surgeons from seven different countries.

med student panelists


Eric Zhao, in his final year at UBC, is involved in advocating for health, serving as a UBC student senator and President of the Medical Student Society.


Leilynaz Malekafzali, completing her Bachelor in Microbiology and Immunology has extensive experience in the BC Cancer Research Centre through Co-Op work.


Sahil Chawla, president of the CanAm club at UBC connects studying medicine to social media through his YouTube channel, where he mentors young adults to follow their career goals.


Faizan Bhatia expresses his passion for medicine through his podcast MEDamorphosis as well as working at his health innovation startup, Detour Health.


Azzra Mangalji is passionate about connecting health to technology and is a strong advocate for women in STEM. She is looking forward to discuss diverse journeys into Medicine.


Raiya Suleman, OMS’s Pre-Conference's Keynote Speaker is a team lead for UBC’s Faculty of Medicine Climate and Environment Health Group and the founder of a national seniors visitation program.