February 2nd, 2020

While the main Operation MedSchool event was coming up on March 8th 2020, we organized an extra 'taste' of the amazing medical conference!

The OMS Pre-Conference was half a day long and featured exclusive activities and speakers!

Attending the Pre-Conference was not only an opportunity to have extra time to connect with healthcare professionals, but also a chance to participate in exclusive activities in several areas of the medical field.

Keynote speaker

raiya suleman

During the OMS Pre-Conference, the spotlight was on our wonderful keynote speaker, Ms. Suleman, who captured the audience's attention as she spoke about her journey through high school, undergrad, and part of medical school.

Did you know that you don't even have to major in health sciences or even a science in your undergrad to gain entry into med school? Ms. Suleman sure surprised many in the audience with that fact.

In summary, our amazing keynote speaker enlightened us all and provided us with fascinating knowledge and amusing stories. More keynote speakers will be present at the main conference on March 8th, so grab your tickets quickly, because you definitely won't want to miss them!

Raiya Suleman, OMS Pre-Conference's Keynote Speaker

Networking session

The journey to medical school is not a solo journey. If only you could have all the people you need to talk to about the journey and about medicine in general in one place. Oh right... Operation MedSchool does!

At the OMS Pre-Conference, we gave attendees a little sample of the wealth of organizations and people that we invite in for you to network with. Networking with these amazing organizations and people is the perfect way to discover opportunities that you didn't even know existed, and to get yourself involved in what you love, whether it be writing STEM articles for a research journal, or volunteering and fundraising to combat cancer.

The networking session was a success, and the half-hour allotted flew by before any of us even knew.

workshop and icebreaker

Now, you didn't think OMS was all about listening to presentations and networking, did you? In between the two, we had an icebreaker and a workshop!

For our icebreaker, we played "Corners", or, more accurately named, "2 Pillars". Questions were displayed and we were to move to one pillar or the other depending on whether or not we agree with the answer. There, we spent a few moments talking to those around us and finding out more about each other.

After the icebreaker was our workshop. As you may know, vaping is a very contentious subject, and is an issue very close to us. The purpose of the workshop was to brainstorm, in groups, a way to figure out once and for all if vaping leads to cancer. Different groups came up with very different answers, but it was fun and very educational nonetheless.

All in all, the icebreaker and the workshop were both very fun and helped us learn more about each other and about health issues very close to us.